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Kim Cavalier
Kim Cavalier

"Your home is the greatest reflection of who you are."

I have always believed that home is an outer reflection of our inside world. My philosophy is to surround one’s self with what inspires you, elevates you, and brings out the best in you.

I don’t necessarily have a unified style since I adapt to each and every project with a set of clear eyes and a fresh mind. I don’t want to miss the opportunity to create a home that is unique to each particular client and their individual needs.

There’s a holistic approach to my design process in taking time to know everything I can about my client; how they live their lives, what they strive for, and what they love. That is what becomes the inspiration for my design concepts.

I have seen lives transformed from good design, for it becomes the catalyst for an elevated lifestyle; one that is more harmonious with a greater sense of well-being. A home that speaks to our true nature has the ability to ground us, help us to become more productive, shift our perspectives, and enrich the quality in which we live.

I imprint my design philosophy into my home staging projects alike and position each home to its greatest advantage by cultivating a total vision; understanding the home's character, environmental surroundings, and who the target buyer is. I then curate an aesthetic that will evoke an emotional connection to the lifestyle that each home can provide. I am considered a Realtors's best friend since my service portfolio is designed to assist their clients from door-to-door.

My projects reach throughout the greater Los Angeles area and with roots in New York, I also extend my work bicoastally. My e-design services provide an opportunity for those who reside outside of the LA area to work with me remotely.



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